Patrik Skoog Vs The Anxious 'Hard Minds Vol 2' (Blackout Audio)

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Artist: Patrik Skoog Vs The Anxious

Title: Hard Minds Vol 2

Label: Blackout Audio

Release Date: 2003

Format: Vinyl

After the success of 'Hard Minds Vol 1' Patrik Skoog and The Anxious returned for a final excursion on Blackout Audio. This was perhaps their finest hour together, with the manic 'Rave Killer' by The Anxious creating absolute mayhem within the harder techno community. Of course Patrik also turned in a stellar performance with his own 'Airbourne' track.


A1 Patrik Skoog 'Airbourne'
A2 Patrik Skoog 'Ground'
AA1 The Anxious 'Rave Killer'

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