Various 'Embryo Compilation' (Embryo)

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Artist: Various
Title: Embryo Compilation
Label: Embryo
Release date: 1998
Format: Vinyl

This was the year that man of the moment Chris McCormack discovered the sound of The Anxious. He subsequently released their track 'After The Storm' on his this aptly titled 'Embryo Compilation' that also featured tracks from ground breaking artists such as UMEK, Jamie Bissmire and Ben Long. This release is highly sought after amongst the techno elite.


Jamie Bissmire 'GND Controlled'
Chris McCormack 'Cohesive'
Sir Real 'Mentalism'
The Anxious 'After The Storm'
Umek 'Bulcoxal Loop'
Umek 'Kragital Loop'
Paul Damage 'Useable Cube'
Ben Long 'Alarm System'
Stu Grant 'The Precise Nature Of The Catastrophe'
O-P Pietilä 'Alpha Lab'
Umek 'Kragital Loop'
Umek 'Bulcoxal Loop'

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