Various 'Audio Flights Vol 1' (Planet Rhythm)

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Artist: Various

Title: Audio Flights Vol 1

Label: Planet Rhythm

Release Date: 2002

Format: Vinyl

Alongside Pounding Grooves and Slobodan, The Anxious took prime position on this Various EP entitled 'Audio Flights Volume 1'. Their track 'Machine Crime' is well known to anyone who believed in the futuristic sound of techno back in 2002. In front of a throbbing set of speakers, powered by the top jocks of the era, this track with its frantic percussion and intense energy was legendary.


A1 Pounding Grooves & Rowland 'Sub Siren'
A2 Raimond Ford & Steve Land 'Recoded'
B1 The Anxious 'Machine Crime'
B2 Slobodan 'Idiots'